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Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp. is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) vendor. Formerly known as Abaqus Inc. and previously Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc., (HKS), the company was founded in 1978 by David Hibbitt, Bengt Karlsson and Paul Sorensen, and has its headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island.In October 2005, Dassault Systèmes acquired Abaqus, Inc. and announced Simulia, the brand encomp


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Current Employee - QA Manager says

"- They give you job title as "Manager" but you will not mange anyone ...even not self!! - Salary sucks - Ever reducing benefits; every year you need to pay more & more out of pocket for insurance - Reduced bonus component"


"The small company feel is gone after Dassault acquisition. Too much dead wood has been allowed to flourish and some of them are now in a position of influence. If you are unlucky to be stuck under that, good luck ! This is a company which makes arguably the best FEA software in market, but don't really expect that your seniors or superiors really understand technology in the depth that you would expect of a Abaqus employee. Yes that's a paradox and if that paradox is not resolved, this product will wither one day."


"Bad compensation and declining benefits, many good people leaving due to stagnation and less recognition of difficult work done by employees."

Current Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"- Average benefits: benefits have been reduced year by year for the last several years, from good to average: 401k contribution was reduced; employee’s contribution to health insurance was introduced and has been increased year by year while the quality of the health plans decreased and so forth… - Low salaries, insignificant salary raises and mediocre bonuses for the last several years despite good company growth. Almost none of the big profit cascades down to those creating the products generating the income. Also, the company takes back some of raise by increasing the employee health care contribution etc.; - Many good technical people (support and development) left during the last year; - Career growth can be very slow and without much professional satisfaction. Depending on the group, you might have to deal with a huge amount of old code which can take up to several years to learn. Because of the average benefits newer developers do not stay that long anymore and talented people are hard to find. Work can be very dull at times: unless you joined the company 10-20 years ago, don’t expect you’re going to get the most interesting work, no matter your background, skills or interests. No opportunities to learn new programming skills (unless you do it on your own time). No opportunity to publish or do academic level research (except for a few people); - Recognition goes mainly to people who contribute to products with high visual impact. If your work cannot be visualized do not expect much recognition; - Uncertainty of HQ location in the near future;"

Developer says

"The company had a very a good reputation (and to some degree it still has) in academia and it was able to attract young and talented developers from top universities (UC@Berkeley, Brown, Duke, Northwestern etc.). Since ABAQUS became Simulia things have changed and not necessary for good. Company has expanded with several extra-layers of management and with non-technical people who give you the feeling their job is just to find new ways to make you less and less efficient. Salaries of the technical people are mediocre for how expensive New England is. Benefits have been cut: employer contribution to 401k has been reduced, employees now have to pay for their health insurance and you have to work more years until getting more vacation days. It is very difficult to get promoted even if you are dedicated 150% to your work. Promotions are not transparent. Even if you are promoted your salary raise is not much above the inflation. Consequently, talented people left and it seems it’s more and more difficult to attract new technical people. There’s no training for developers. You have to learn everything on your own or by going to the right person and asking the right question (and hoping that person is going to actually answer it.)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Strategy execution is not working . Average tenure for sales is circa 1 year. Fired most of the successful managers and replaced them with Paris based yes men"

Current Employee - Sales Director says

"SIMULIA as a compnay is no longer able to make decisoins and is being managed by a far less capable group who have a 90 day vision that seems to have no regard for human capital or customer needs. Glen Gary Glen Ross comes to mind."


"Proliferation of too many sales and operational people has diluted the focus and lead to excessive political bureaucracy. Focus on sales has increased manifolds and sales extort disproportionate credit for any increase in revenue undermining the role of other factors. The contribution of product quality, documentation , support and dedication of engineers is undermined. Too many incompetent managers have been promoted over the past few years. It is surprising to see supposed technical heads who will struggle with the basics of FEA and structural mechanics !!!! If the trend continues, product quality will eventually suffer and the product will collapse over the next 10-20 yrs."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Compensation lagging behind market; has become very bureaucratic"


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